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Practical Oracle 8i

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I wrote this book to make life easier, and more interesting, for anyone who has to design or build an Oracle-based application.

There are more than 20,000 pages in the Oracle 8i manuals; most of them are devoted to telling you about the features, commands and procedures built into the enormous package that is the Oracle RDBMS; others tell you about quick fixes for tuning the database after it has gone into production. Very few of them actually tell you how things work, and why one feature might be good for your application and why another might be bad.

This book aims to address that issue. It contains an outline of the more important internal mechanisms of the database, then dissects various of the standard features such as indexing, tablespace management, and partitioning , describing good points, interesting points, and bad points. Sometimes a feature is a benefit, sometimes it's a liability !

If you read this book, it may help you to identify the best strategy to adopt for your next application, and save you the weeks of lost time that are often spent chasing down dead-ends.

I think it's a useful book - but look at what other readers have said:-


Sam G. Pillay

This book seems to do a good job in pointing out what’s available in Oracle for the systems designer or the DBA. This is very helpful because it’s time consuming to dig into available manuals to get the relevant information. This book is also of great value to those who may be involved in migrating other databases, for example SQL Server, to an Oracle Database. It’s easy to see what corresponding functionality exists to help during a migration.



Declan Brady MSc MBCS MICS

There are many books competing about Oracle, but none that I am aware of take the "ignore the manual, this is what happens when you do it" approach. I like this book. You feel you can believe it because it comes across as experience from sheer hard graft. I would recommend several copies of this book for ICL’s library.

Systems Architect, ICL


Dennis Harvey

The book provides excellent and expert level coverage of the advanced DBA concepts and features for Oracle. It goes well beyond what is covered in the Oracle documentation, or in the other Oracle DBA books that I’ve read. The author clearly knows his subject area.

Blue Martini Software


Steve Adams

. . . The author then examines the potential functionality, performance, security, and maintenance traps associated with the feature and concludes with some helpful guidelines on when and how to use it (or not).

Principal Consultant, Ixora


Connor McDonald

Whereas many Oracle books are merely a re-badged version of the standard documentation, this one contains real world examples with sound advice throughout.



John Beresniewicz

The book can be read from anywhere, as many topics are independent and self-contained. (I began with Appendix B, a brilliantly short tuning guide).



Kevin Kerrigan

In a Data Warehouse project, the partitioning strategy is key to performance. The pit falls I have encountered in the past are all clearly illustrated in the 'Partitioning' section of the book. Ignore at your peril!



Neil Harvey

If you just read the "Problems & Quirks" and "Strategy Notes" sections at the end of each chapter you'll be well on your way to understanding the implications of using 8i features.




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