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Decimal to Hex conversion function.

Prior to Aug 1999

Somewhere in the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin set of scripts there is, I am sure, a little procedure of function to convert a decimal representation of a number into a Hexadecimal string. I haven't yet got around to looking for it, and over the years I've managed to do with by using a little PL/SQL routine.

I have just rewritten the routine as a packaged PL/SQl function, which can be called from SQL, although it is not intended to be terribly efficient (more a cute little example of recursion in PL/SQL) so should not be used for heavy-duty, high-speed processing.

rem     Script:        jpl_utils.sql
rem     Author:        Jonathan Lewis
rem     Dated:         
rem     Purpose:       Set of odds and ends.
rem     Notes:
rem     This version holds only a tested decimal to hex conversion function
rem     The function is declared as pure, and can be called from SQL.
rem     The return is a string representing a HEX number up to 12 digits long
rem     Sample of use:
rem            select jpl_utils.decimal_to_hex(99);
rem            execute dbms_output.put_line(jpl_utils.decimal_to_hex(127));
create or replace package jpl_utils as
        function decimal_to_hex(i_decimal in integer) return varchar2;
        pragma restrict_references (decimal_to_hex, wnds, wnps, rnps);
rem     This isn't supposed to be an efficient high-volume
rem     function, just a cutesy little demo of recursive PL/SQL
rem     There is NO eror trapping
create or replace package body jpl_utils as
function decimal_to_hex (i_decimal in integer)
return varchar2 is
        v_result       varchar2(12);
        v_hex_digit    varchar2(1);
        v_quotient     integer;
        v_remainder    integer;
        if (i_decimal < 10) then
               v_result := to_char(i_decimal);
        elsif (i_decimal < 16) then
               v_result := chr(65+(i_decimal-10));   -- or 55 + idec
               v_remainder := mod(i_decimal,16);
               v_quotient  := round((i_decimal - v_remainder) /16);
               v_result := 
                       jpl_utils.decimal_to_hex(v_quotient) ||
        end if;
        return v_result;       
end  decimal_to_hex;
end jpl_utils;

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