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Evolution in Optimisation – 8i to 10g

Dec 2004

The attached presentation (in pdf format) is one that I have given several times over the last 12 months. Originally titled “10g Some Interesting Bits”, it went through various names like “The Evolution of Optimisation – 8i to 10g”, “Optimisation – It’s not just the SQL”, to end up as “Oracle 10g – Optimization Everywhere”.

The first showing of the presentation was at the UKOUG annual conference in 2003, since then it has been shown in Denmark, Slovenia, San Ramon, Ann Arbor, New York, and most recently in San Francisco at Oracle World 2004 where it was the second most popular technical presentation of the event. (No prizes for guessing that Tom Kyte’s was the most popular).

There are two versions of the presentation attached – one of them uses pl/sql to demonstrate the dbms_sqltune package and is about 300K; the other includes about 10 screenshots taken from Enterprise Manager 10g to do the same and is about 1.6MB.

Text only pdf (zipped 300K)

With Screenshots pdf (zipped 1.6M)

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