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How do I change the default password of internal ?

Author's name: Soham Khot

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Date written: 21st April 2005

Oracle version(s): 8.0.5 on NT

I am using oracle 8.0.5 on NT.On a single server. I want to change my internal/sys password.

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I follow below steps.
1. shutdown the database.
2. delete the password file
3. Create new password file with ORAPWD [ ORAPWD is the oracle utility. Its Description is provided at the end of article ]
orapwd file=e:\oracle\database\PWDsnap2.ora password=hello entries=30
4.Startup the database.
5.Enter command SVRMGRL and connect internal
SVRMGR> connect internal

I am able to connect internal with
SVRMGR> connect internal/hello

My question, why I am connecting internal without password ? It use default password for internal ? In init.ora
"remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive"

What's the problem – You need to enter the password that was used for creating password file when
connecting to INTERNAL

If your problem is that connect internal doesn't ask for password after recreating the password file - then

and then try svrmgrl>connect internal
If you don't know the password and still want to connect internal - comment out

and you  will be through

If you want to recreate the password then
delete $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwSID file and
as suggested above use orapwd to create a new password as :

orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwdev password=xxxxx entries=<n>

For Oracle 9i :
1. INTERNAL is no longer supported as a USER is Oracle9i

2. To connect as SYS is Oracle9i, you need to append AS SYSDBA or AS SYSOPER

If you have direct access to that oracle9i box then you can do this:
a. Authentication is left to OS:
connect / as sysdba
and change the SYS password
b. Authentication is done via password file(orapwd deals with this)
Note: this is can be accomplished when running from a client
connect sys/password as sysdba

Using ORAPWD Utility :

1.        Creating the password file with orapwd

% orapwd file=${ORACLE_HOME}/dbs/orapwSID password=password entries=max_users


Name and Location of the password file:

At database startup time, Oracle will only look for the password file in the ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. The naming convention that Oracle will search for is: orapwSID. The SID must match the ORACLE_SID environment variable. If orapwSID can not be found, Oracle will look for a file named orapw. If Oracle can not find a orapw file you will get the ORA-01990 at database startup time.

An important security concern is that the password file be secured.

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