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How Do I Recover From Loss of a Member of Online Redo Log Group?

Author's name: Allan W. Tham

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Date written: Mar 4 2002

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I multiplexed my redo logs yet one member file get corrupted. How do I recover from it?

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Work for Archive Log Mode ON and OFF

No shutdown is required

1. To investigate what status is the missing redo log is -
    Select * from v$logfile shows which group and member is INVALID
2. From step 1, you will have the full path of the member that went corrupted. Drop this member -
    Alter database drop logfile member 'fullpath/log_filename.log'
3. Add a new member to the group -
    Alter database add logfile member '/fullpath/log_filename.log' reuse to group n; where log_filename.log and group n follow step 1

(Note: the size of the new redo log member should be the same as the other group members if you decide to use the same name and the option REUSE)

Further reading: Oracle9i User-Managed Backup and Recovery Guide

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