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Why does everyone except SYSTEM (and possibly SYS) get a strange error message when starting up SQL*Plus ?

Author's name: Jonathan Lewis

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Date written: 26th July 2001

Oracle version(s): 7.3 -

When staritng SQL*Plus as anything other than SYSTEM (and in later versions of Oracle SYS) I get the following error message. What's the problem ?
	Warning: Product user profile information not loaded!
	You may need to run PUPBLD.SQL as SYSTEM

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This is a warning only, not a severe error, and the error message may vary with your version of Oracle. If you are running with a default database built by the installer, it will probably not appear; but if you have written your own script to create a new database you may have omitted a minor step at the end of the process.

The error message relates to a feature introduced in Oracle 6 - Product User Profiles. This is basically a reference table that can be used by a client program to check if there are any restrictions on what the user may do with that program. As far as I am aware, SQL*Plus is the only program that recognises it, and when it starts up it tries to access the view (formerly table) SYSTEM.PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE. If the table does not exist, then this error message appears.

If you want to stop this error message, you need only connect through SQL*Plus as SYSTEM and run the 'pupbld.sql' script which is located under the ORACLE_HOME in subdirectory sqlplus/admin.

As an example of usage, the following row inserted into the table will stop any user with an ID starting with 'JPL' from being able to create table from SQL*Plus, even if they have the 'create table' privilege.

insert into product_user_profile (
	product, userid, attribute, char_value
values (

Any attempt by the user to create a table, they will get the error message:

SP2-0544: invalid command: create

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