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How to Recover From a Lost Datafile That Belongs to the SYSTEM Tablespace

Author's name: Allan W. Tham

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Date written: Dec 15 2001

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SYSTEM tablespace is essential for Oracle to start and operate properly. What would you do if you lost a datafile that belongs to SYSTEM tablespace? Well, you need Media Recovery

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1. Shutdown abort the database if the database is still up

2. Copy the corrupted or lost datafile from backup to the original location

3. Startup mount

4. select, member, sequence#, first_change#
     from v$log v1, v$logfile v2

5. Recover the database by Recover datafile '/path/filename.dbf'

6. Logs will be prompted. Confirm it until you see "Media Recovery Complete".
     If you are asked to enter a non-existence archived log, enter the full path of
     a member of the redo group where the sequence number matches the one being
     prompted (from step 4) until you see "Media Recovery Complete"

7. Alter database open

Note: this recovery method is good for Archivelog mode ON.

If you need to rename or relocate the datafile, refer to Metalink Article 115424.1

Further reading: Oracle Backup and Recovery

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