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How much redo is filled in my redo logs?

Author's name: K Gopalakrishnan

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Date written: November 21, 2001

Oracle version(s): Oracle 8.0.5 and above

There are no V$ views which exposes this information. So we directly query X$tables and you need to run this script connected as SYS or Internal. Alternatively if you use Oracle Statspack to monitor your database you can run replace X$ to X_$ wherever applicable and run as privileged user.

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Finding how much percentage of current redo log is filled is bit tricky since the information is not exposed in any V$ views. We have to directly query the X$tables to get that information. The X$views we use here are x$kccle (Kernel Cache ControlfileComponent Log file Entry) and x$kcccp (Kernel Cache Checkpoint Progress).


        le.leseq                               current_log_sequence#,
        100 * cp.cpodr_bno / le.lesiz          percentage_full
        x$kcccp cp,
        x$kccle le
        le.leseq =cp.cpodr_seq
and     le.ledup != 0

--------------------- ---------------
                    6      .428710938

Here x$kcccp.cpodr_bno tells the current log block in the redo log file and x$kccle.lesiz gives the number of (log) blocks in that log file.

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