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Where has svrmgr gone in 9i - how do I start and stop the database now ?

Author's name: Jonathan Lewis

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Date written: 12th June 2002

Oracle version(s): 9.0

I used to use svrmgrl on the command line to start and stop my Oracle instance, but after upgrading to Oracle 9, it disappeared. What am I supposed to do now ?

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The desupport and removal of svrmgr .or (svrmgrl) was documented in the manual from at least version 8.1 (if not earlier), when it became possible to start and stop an Oracle instance from Sql*plus. In fact, SQL*Plus acquired many of the features of svrmgr at this time, including oradebug.

You will also discover that the internal account has also disappeared, and you are now required to connect 'as sysdba' or 'as sysoper' to start and stop Oracle.

There are two common strategies for use with SQL*Plus

	sqlplus /nolog
	connect / as sysdba

or simply

	sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

Note that you need to surround the "/ as sysdba" with quote marks so that the entire string will be recognised as a single item.

If you are planning to use exp for transporting tablespaces and don't plan to use parameters files, this quoting mechanism is the method you will have to use to invoke exp (and imp) from the command line - note that from about 8.1.7, tablespaces can only be transported by users with the sysdba privilege, although the first releases of 8.1 allowed the privilege to ordinary DBAs.

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