The Oracle (tm) Users' Co-Operative FAQ

Repeat of the short-form of the question on the index page.

Author's name: Michael Eichler


Date written: 4th March 2002

Oracle version(s): 8.1

Longer form of the question giving background to the problem and describing why the question might arise. Personally I think a little historical context at this point of the page can be helpful, e.g. 'Prior to Oracle 8.0 you had to use .... to do ..., but now ...''

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Descriptions, explanations, etc.

        Possible Code Fragments and results fragments
        which will be in a separate typeface and indented by one tab.
        Frontpage has a style called 'Formatted' - which is Courier New, with hard carriage returns
        which seems to require the tags <pre> </pre>

Hyperlinks to sub-headings in the answer may be useful, but hyperlinks should not leave the page.

Style Guide - I suggest that any words that require emphasis of any type (e.g. column or table names quoted in the descriptive text, reserved words, technical phrases etc.) should appear in bold italic. Avoid using BLOCK CAPITALS, and use 'quotation' marks only for quoting column values extracted from code fragments, and for 'highly colloquial' or 'non-standard' use of language.

Further reading: {a list of hyperlink addresses may go here - if you can supply a linke to the OTN manual, or a Metalink note (mentioning any need for user id and password) that would be rather useful}

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