The Oracle (tm) Users' Co-Operative FAQ

End-users’ comments on PRODUCT X

Any opinions expressed on this page are personal to the specifically named author, and are not the opinions of anyone involved in supplying this service to the public.

Product name: {something here}

Supplier: {something here}

Classification: {e.g. freeware, commercial etc}

Target User: {e.g. dba/developer}

Oracle version(s): 8.1


Very brief description of what the tool is for - this bit may well be written by the definitive supplier of the product, in which case the authorship will be noted.

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Marks out of ten


Name of author (mandatory, with affiliation). email (mandatory if score is less than 3 or more than 8).

Number, 0 - 10

Anything the referee would like to say about the tool. Do try to be factual, with concrete examples if you wish to complain about defects, or indulge in fulsome praise or particular points. A tool which was useless for one person may be near-perfect for another, so pure value judgements do not help.




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