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Product name: SQL*XL

Supplier: Linker IT Consulting Limited

Classification: Free LITE version (limited features), Commercial FULL version

Target User: DBA’s, Developers and Analysts

Oracle version(s): 7.x, 8.x, 8i, 9i

SQL*XL is an addin for Microsoft Excel that provides a full featured link to the database. A new menu item will be added to Excel through which SQL can be sent. SQL*XL allows you to fetch data straight into your spreadsheet and does a good job at decently formatting the data. SQL*XL allows you to integrate values from Excel into the SQL (e.g. select * from emp where sal > :A1)

Inserting data to the database was never easier. SQL*XL allows you to send a whole spreadsheet full of data to the database with a few mouse clicks. If required SQL*XL can generate a small form in which you can insert one row of data at a time.

SQL*XL is well documented and comes with a full help system. It supports Excel macro recording (SQL*XL’s API is defined in the help file) and other advanced Excel features. Finally SQL*XL is shipped with an installer and uninstaller.

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Author: Gerrit-Jan Linker

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