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Where is the UGA, and how does sorting affect it ?

Author's name: Jonathan Lewis

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Date written: 26th July 2001

Oracle version(s): 7.3 -

It is possible to define a number so that it is stored in the database with 38 digits of precision. If I do this, how much space does a number really use if it doesn't actually use this degree of precision. Strangely, the internal storage for number (dba_tab_columns) suggests that the worst case usage for a number is 22 bytes, so how much space does it really take to store a number ?.

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Initially, though, I believe memory is allocated in the UGA for sorting, until the demand exceeds the sort_area_retained_size, at which point the excess (up to sort_area_size) is allocated from the PGA.


The retained_size has to be in the UGA, and the UGA is in the SGA for shared_servers, because data if FETCHED from the UGA, and a session may migrate from one shared server to another between fetches. The rest of sort_area_size can be in the PGA, because that is local to a shared_server, and discardable as soon as the actual sort phase is complete (but this is why a large sort process locks a session to a shared server, hence why heavy duty reports should generally not be executed through shared servers).


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