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Which Version of the database am I running ?

Author's name: Hemant Parkhi

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Date written: 7th Aug 2001
Updated: 28th Jan 2002

Oracle version(s): 8.1.7

Which version of the database am I running ?

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When you connect to sql plus, you can see the version of Oracle Database you are connecting to. This is it.

If you are not connecting through SQL*Plus, then look at v$version:

	select * from v$version;
	Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
	PL/SQL Release - Production
	CORE       Production
	TNS for IBM/AIX RISC System/6000: Version - Production
	NLSRTL Version - Production

Addendum (28th Jan 2002) also offers this option:

	select version from v$instance


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