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This gives a one line description of the next few items I hope to load on to the web site. The order in which the items are listed is not significant, so if any of them are of particlar interest to you, then let me know on jonathan@jlcomp.demon.co.uk and I will give some priority to requested items.

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Analytic Functions

A great (no longer) new feature of 8i

to come

DefCon 1

Deferred Constraints in 8i and above

to come

Scale down

A (UNIX) tool for scaling DDL down to development d/b size

to come


A few of the useful event numbers (10046 et. al.)

to come

Execution Plans

A tutorial in interpreting the output of Explain Plan

to come


Password aging and validation in Oracle 8

to come

PQ Pain

Some nasty surprises from the Parallel Query Option

to come

The X$ files

The truth is out there somewhere.

to come


How to read and write files with the UTL_FILE package

to come

The Alert Log

A pair of UNIX scripts for a quick check on the Alert log

to come


Stop spooling to file - generate SQL the elegant and tidy way

to come

Star Tansforms

Oracle 8 stars vs. Oracle 7 stars

to come

Other Index Pages

Monitoring and Tuning

Database Administration

The Physical Database


Oracle Features

The Parallel Query Option

The Parallel Server Option

Developer Tricks




Things to come