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Index of articles on Development Tricks

Some of those interesting and cunningly little things you can do with Oracle to help you get the best out of the product.

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Title Content Last update
My statistics Seeing the statistics for my own session. 29-Aug-2000
Optimising sorts An insight into optimiser evolution and sorting (7.3 to 8.1) 29-Aug-2000
Setting SID Selecting and setting the Oracle SID (Unix) 7-Sep-1999
Block Dump How to dump an Oracle 8 block 7-Sep-1999
SDU Widening the pipeline from client to server 18-Aug-1999
OSOPER Does anyone ever use it ? (Unix) 18-Aug-1999
Shell Arrays Passing multiple results from SQL*Plus to the shell (Unix) 04-Aug-1999
Buffer content What is in the db_block_buffer now (Oracle 8.0) (correction) 04-Aug-1999
Dummy data Generating numeric lists without using a dummy table 29-Jun-1999
2D partitions Hash sub-partitions in 8i can give you 2 dimensional partitioning 18-Jun-1999
In lists One variable interpreted as an IN list (V 8.0) 12-Jun-1999
User / Owner Executing dynamic sql in packages as User, not Owner in in v7 11-Jun-1999
PL/SQL tables Turning a PL/SQL table into an SQL statement (v8) 11-Jun-1999
Scheduling A demonstraton of managing concurrent proceses under Oracle 3-Jun-1999
Concurrency A mechanism for concurrent execution of lists of tasks 26-May-1999
Am I tracing A way to find out if your session is running with SQL Trace true 26-May-1999
Big Update A cunning (Y2K) plan to update most of a very large table efficiently 18-May-1999
Block Dump 7 How to dump an Oracle 7 block. 18-May-1999
Dec to Hex A decimal to Hexadecimal function in PL/SQL 18-May-1999
Where and When Order of execution in a WHERE clause with NO indexes 6-May-1999
PLSQL arrays Array based dynamic SQL in PL/SQL (8.0) 6-May-1999
Flush An idea on allowing ordinary users selective DBA rights 30-Apr-1999
dbms_sql A little wrapper for simple dynamic SQL 30-Apr-1999
Inline Speed How in-line views can improve performance dramatically 25-Mar-1999
Meaning of errors A simple NT utility to emulate the Unix oerr command 24-Mar-1999
Block size A simple C program to help you pick an Oracle block size 26-Feb-1999
Strip SQL A small C program to tidy up the listing from v$sql_text 27-Jan-1999
Trace Pack An idea for switching sql_trace on selectively in production systems 21-Jan-1999
DW A data warehouse case study 21-Jan-1999

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