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Index of articles on Oracle Features

Articles reviewing the most highly marketed features of the Oracle database. What they are, how they work, and how useful they can be.

Remember - "Don't sell features, sell benefits"

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Title Content Last update
Dimensions Summary management and Query Rewrite with prebuilt tables (addendum) 26-Oct-2001
PT problems A couple of caveats on using partitioned tables ? 7-Jan-2001
Analytic An introduction to Analytic functions in 8.1.6 21-Dec-2000
Sequences All about sequences (7 and 8) 24-Sep-1999
2D partitions Hash sub-partitions in 8i can give you 2 dimensional partitioning 18-Jun-1999
PT Defect When partition views work better than partition tables 01-Apr-1999
PQO (pt 2) Some real life experience with the Parallel Query Option (7.3) 03-Feb-1999
PQO (pt 1) An introduction to the Parallel Query Option (7.3) 27-Jan-1999
DW A data warehouse case study 21-Jan-1999
PVs An introduction to Partition Views (7.3) 14-Jan-1999
PVs or PTs A comparison of 7.3 partition views and 8.0 partition tables 09-Jan-1999
Bitmaps Bitmap indexes in Oracle 7.3.2 09-Jan-1999
PT Quirk A Partition Elimination anomaly in partition tables (and views) 09-Jan-1999
Explain Plan The oldest bug in Oracle ? 07-Jan-1999

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