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Index of articles on Internal Mechanisms

A page for the dedicated fanatic, that crawls around inside the database engine and let you find out all those things you don't need to know which might not be true in the next release anyway.

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Title Content Last update
Parameter list Yet another simple (Oracle 8) dump of the current parameter list 23-Nov-2001
Number format How do you convert from Oracle's internal number format to decimal 2-Nov-2001
Block Cleanout The three main variations on block cleanout after commits. 15-Jan-2001
Sort Usage A correction to v$sort_usage in Oracle 8.1.5 24-Nov-2000
Block Dump How to dump an Oracle 8 block 07-Sep-1999
Losing SQL text A minor bug in v$sql et. al. that 'loses' SQL text 07-Sep-1999
commitscn A bizarre undocumented feature 25-May-1999
Block Dump 7 How to dump an Oracle 7 block. 18-May-1999
Buffer Flag Interpreting the x$bh buffer header flag 30-Apr-1999
Cache How Oracle 7 handles small tables and caching 22-Apr-1999
3 Buffers Oracle 8's answer to Placido Domingo et. al. (and caching) 22-Apr-1999
Losing SQL text A minor bug in v$sql et. al. that 'loses' SQL text 22-Apr-1999
smon What does SMON do. 08-Jan-1999
Old V$ What's been around but ignored in V$ for Oracle 7 26-Feb-1999
PQ Costs How effective was your last Parallel Query 17-Feb-1999
New V$s What's new in the V$ area for Oracle 8 (and a symmetric difference) 03-Feb-1999
Waiting for files An undocumented (X$) object to see where v$waitstat is happening 21-Jan-1999
V$ Views V$ Views - a health warning 14-Jan-1999
Buffer content What is in the db_block_buffer now (Oracle 8.0) 08-Jan-1999

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