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Index of articles on the Parallel Server Option

I was due to do a full day tutorial on the Oracle Parallel Server Option (OPS) at the EOUG conference in Copenhagen this year. Shortly after putting my name forward to do this, I was asked to take on the chair of the UKOUG Unix SIG. Since I can only afford to donate a limited number of days in the year to User Groups, I decided that I couldn't prepare the tutorial and take on the SIG, so I had to withdraw my name from the conference.

Over the next few months, I will be writing up my collection of notes on OPS and posting them to this section of the web. Possibly by the time I have finished I will be able to pull the whole thing together, draw up a few slides and see (some of) you at the next EOUG conference in Madrid.

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Title Content Last update
DLM How a DLM works 04-Aug-1999
OPS What is the Oracle Parallel Server Option ? 13-Jul-1999
Abstract The abstract and synopsis I put forward to the committee (Word 95, 14 Kb) 29-Jun-1999
Outline The working outline I sketched out based on the synopsis (Word 95, 19 Kb) 29-Jun-1999

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