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Index of articles on Physical Database Design

A series of articles about the way Oracle actually implements the logical model, and things you should consider when building your database.

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Title Content Last update
Packing a table A new feature in 7.3.4 for packing a table 07-Apr-1999
PT Defect When partition views work better than partition tables 01-Apr-1999
Raw or FS A study of how the choice can affect Oracle performance 15-Mar-1999
TS Build Building multiple large tablespaces concurrently 03-Mar-1999
Block size A simple C program to help you pick an Oracle block size 26-Feb-1999
Buffer size db_block_buffers can be too big 10-Feb-1999
Extent count Sometimes fewer extents to an object is a good thing 10-Feb-1999
DW A data warehouse case study 21-Jan-1999

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