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Statistics – How precise, How Often

Sep 2004 / Aug 2007

The first of the two attached documents is in Word 97, with a size of 100KB, with an embedded Powerpoint slide. The content is the basis for a presentation I have been giving over the last few months about the general waste of effort that goes into collecting statistics on production systems. The last time I gave this presentation was at the 2005 IOUG-A annual conference in Orlando, Florida, so the format of the paper follows their conventions. However, it does contain a graph that was not included in the original paper, but apart from this and a couple of minor corrections, it is the same as the copy on the IOUG website.

The second document is short note (26KB, rtf) I wrote for the Northern California Oracle User Group for inclusion in their magazine as part of their ‘Ask the Oracles’ series.

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