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Where next for Oracle ?

December 2002

It is generally accepted that Oracle Corp. is always looking to widen its interests from the pure database engine, and capture other markets. Following on from the Financials, HR, and Manufacturing arena, recent indications suggest that the next target will be in clothing. Although Oracle seems to be avoiding the high-fashion end of the market, with its reliance on the ultra-thin client model, the TAR below suggests that business clothes may be in the sights - but perhaps there are still a few teething problems to deal with.

TAR Number:         6749337.001                   Open Date         29-MAR-02 19:20:03 
Support Identifier  193100456                     Name              {anonymous}
Priority            1                             Last Update       31-JUN-02 11:03:51  
Product             Oracle Trousers - v1.0.0.1    Product Version 
Platform            IT Manager                    Detailed Status   Hard Close 
TAR Reference       n/a                           BUG Reference     n/a
Ct has found large hole in back of product - requires urgent patch
Resolution History 
29-Mar-02 19:20:03
Can you easily recover from, bypass or work around the problem? = NO
Does your system or application continue normally after the problem occurs? =  NO
Are the standard features of the system or application still available; 
is the loss of service minor? = NO
#### Remote Diagnostic Agent ####
### Platform and O/S version, including patchset or service pack level? ###
IT manager - no current service, patches or operating going on.
### What version and patchset level of the database are you running? ###
### Please describe your problem: ###
Whilst installing Oracle Trousers v1.0.0, Ct discovered
a large hole in the back.  This renders the trousers 
inoperable in a normal production environment, and may
even result in a serious breach of normal security.
### If you are receiving errors, please list exact error messages and text: ###
### Did the error generate a trace file? ###
### Please list all files that you plan to upload: ###
### What was being done at time of error? Any changes since this last worked? ##
Normal installation activities.
There were no special pre-install release notes indicating potential problems.
### Can error be generated if SQL is run in SQL*Plus or Server Manager? ###
### What is the frequency of the error? ###
### What is the impact to your business because of this problem? ###
Ct's IT manager is unable to come into the office.
Contact me via : E-mail -> coredump.7445@snapshot-too-old.1555.com
*** 03/29/02 07:45 pm *** STEFLON 
Please upload your init.ora, alert.log, any trace files,
and inside leg measurement.             (CHG: Status -> Awaiting Ct)
*** 03/29/02 09:45 pm *** STEFLON 
Please also upload waist measurement.   (CHG: Status -> Awaiting Ct)
*** 03/29/02 09:45 pm *** STEFLON 
Further research indicates that Oracle Trousers is a UK-only product.  
Please refer to UK support              (CHG: Asg -> NEW OWNER)
*** 31/03/02 13:30    *** ATAYLOR
Please upload your init.ora, alert.log, any trace files,
inside leg measurement and wait.        (CHG: Status -> Awaiting Ct)
*** 31/03/02 13:45    *** ATAYLOR
Correction - 'waist' not 'wait'
                                        (CHG: Status -> Awaiting Ct)
*** 01/04/02 09:02    *** ATAYLOR
Preliminary investigations suggest a problem with installation.
Was Ct facing in correct direction during installation.  
Suggest Ct de-installs Oracle Trousers, faces opposite direction
then re-installs trousers.  
We believe that this is not a bug, but a design feature, to 
facilitate optimum interaction between Ct and the environment -
when it is installed correctly.
Please see the following metalink notes:
    1833943.1         Common errors installing Trousers.
    1872573.1         Trousers - the FAQ
    1933635.1       Using ZIP with Oracle products
    2019893.1       Advanced techniques for installing Trousers
                                        (CHG: Status -> Closed)
*** 01/04/02 14:13    *** ATAYLOR
Re-opening bug.  Ct reports that trousers are correctly installed,
and zip has been used correctly during the initial installation 
of product.  Ct. urgently requires patch for trousers.
                                        (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 06/04/02 11:28    *** ATAYLOR
Patch 2049956.4 now available - despatched by Next Day delivery
                                        (CHG: Status -> Closed)
*** 13/04/02 09:3    *** ATAYLOR
Patch is in plain black.  Ct's version of Oracle Trousers is
pin-stripe. Please upgrade patch and dispatch urgently.
                                        (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 23/04/02 09:3    *** ATAYLOR
Patch received, but exhibiting stripe-width incompatibility.
Ct has narrow pin-stripe, patch was wide pin-stripe.  Please
correct and re-despatch
                                        (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 27/04/02 08:23    ***               (CHG: Status -> 87)
*** 28/04/02 06:12    ***               (CHG: Status -> 83)
*** 30/04/02 05:19    ***               (CHG: Status -> 19)
*** 05/02/02 02:23 pm ***               (CHG: Status -> 37)
*** 05/02/02 02:23 pm ***  ANEWMAN
Oracle Trousers has been adopted by the US, and all future 
development will be based in the US.  Ct is advised to upgrade 
to latest version - OraclePants 1.2.0
Please note that pin-stripe is a de-supported option.  Options
currently available with OraclePants are Check, Plaid and Loud.
                                        (CHG: Status -> Awaiting Ct)
*** 05/05/02 08:23 am ***  ANEWMAN
Ct does not wish to upgrade to Oracle Pants 1.2.0, and has 
indicated plans to switch to competitor.  The Ct has been 
advised that MicroPants may not be appropriate for serious office
application.  Please investigate special port of pin-stripe. 
                                       (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 05/22/02 09:17 am ***  ANEWMAN
Ct has received correct pin-stripe patch, but is unable to
apply it due to lack of specialist technical skills in-house.  
Is the patch available in iron-on form rather than sew-on ? 
                                       (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 05/29/02 08:57 am ***  ANEWMAN
Ct is increasingly irate. This problem has been around for
two months now, and he has been unable to do any work due
to a bug that makes his Trousers completely unusable.
A solution is required most urgently.  Ct. has already
purchased support in the form of OracleBelt and OracleBraces
with no extra benefit, and demands immediate response.
                                       (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 06/03/02 08:03 am ***  ANEWMAN
Ct. has been advised that this is not a bug, but a feature.
Oracle Trousers with the hole option is for Summer wear only.
The feature allows ventilation of an overheated area of the
Ct's anatomy. Ct advised to move to OracleSuit when winter comes.
                                       (CHG: Status -> Closed)
*** 17/06/02 12:23 ***  AWALLY
Re-opening bug. My Ct.(UK) has just received OraclePants 1.2.0, and been
surprised to discover that the default inside leg measurement was 33".
This was not expected, and is highly incompatible with local standards.
This seems to be a bug either in the implementation or in the documentation.
This issue should be addressed as soon as possible. We do not wish to give
the impression that our systems can only be handled by the type of individual
who is traditionally recognised as wearing their shorts (pants) outside their 
pants (trousers).
                                       (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 06/17/02 08:23 am ***               (CHG: Status -> 42)
*** 06/18/02 11:12 am ***               (CHG: Status -> 71)
*** 06/21/02 03:19 pm ***               (CHG: Status -> 87)
*** 06/23/02 02:23 pm ***               (CHG: Status -> 37)
*** 23/06/02 12:23:38 ***  AWALLY
Ct. has been advised that this is a problem with Globalization
support and incorrect use of NLS features.  Product re-release
is scheduled in July as OracleNetherGarments v2.0.2 with full 
Globalization support to deal with local installation customs.
Ct. wishes to know if NetherGarments (outer) will be bundled
with NetherGarments (inner), and if a clean install of (inner)
is required before installing (outer).
                                        (CHG: Status -> With Dev)
*** 31/06/02 11:03:51 ***  AWALLY
Ct. has been advised that licences for NetherGarments (inner) may
be acquired separately from NetherGarments (outer). The open nature
of NetherGarments will also allow Ct to install NetherGarments (outer)
over products from competitors that match the specifications set by the
NetherGarments (inner) standards. Ct has been advised of the benefits of 
purchasing several licences for NetherGarments (inner) for each licence 
of NetherGarments (outer) - perhaps taking advantage of the 'named user' 
licensing scheme. Closing. Further issues with the product may be best 
handled by posting to the Oracle NG forum.
                                        (CHG: Status -> Closed)

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